BERNARD PACKAGING has extended its Value Chain to include Waste Management. For the past eight years, the company has recycled all post industrial waste. The excess or "scrap" material left over after conversion is ground to flake, and either returned to the extruder it was purchased from for reuse, or sold on the open market for the same purpose. In this manner, we operate a friendly, risk free environmental production facility. In addition, our production process is clean in that it does not emit any air borne pollutants. The only air borne bi-product of production is mist from water used in the thermoforming process.

PLASTICS SAVE ENERGY. Plastics are derived from oil and natural gas, leading some consumers to question whether plastics are an effective use of these resources. The answer can be found by comparing the energy expended to manufacture, use and dispose of plastic products with equivalent products made from other materials.

Energy Chart 1
Recycling Symbols
Energy Chart 2
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